Here's a brief history of who I am, what I do and why I do what I do:

I was blessed to be raised in a home that nurtured creativity and encouraged to pursue our dreams in all things art-related. At a young age, I was always snooping in my mom's room to smear my face in lipstick and drench myself in her perfume (I have home videos to prove it).

Beauty was always my first love, my science, my creative problem-solving, my muse.

With discipline, I started to take my art seriously and educate myself back in 2010 (before the YouTube tutorials) in a broad range of application skills and techniques. Shortly after, I was hired at the M.A.C. Pro store in Orlando, FL as a "Pro Advanced Certified Makeup Artist." Within the time of building a stronger portfolio and acquiring certifications under my belt as well as becoming a licensed artist, I started my own freelance business - The Misses MUA. 

Specializing in bridal makeup as well as editorial, my work has landed in multiple magazine spreads such as "Like Magazine," and has made the cover of Indian Bridal magazine "Desh-Videsh" as well as "Elegant Magazine." 

I love editorial and everything beauty but as a hopeless romantic, there was such a fulfillment in doing weddings. I am able to share such beautiful and intimate moments with my brides as they prepare to give themselves to whom they love. 

In November of 2015, it was finally my turn to be a bride and marry my best friend of 5 years.

I was able to plan a wedding and gain more experience as not only

an artist for weddings, but to understand what it is

to be an actual bride and all that being a bride encompasses!

I am blessed to do what I love and share special moments

with all the beautiful faces I encounter.

But enough about me!

Scroll down and get to know my wonderful dream team!


Sarai Tirado



Graduated from a Cosmetology Institute in 2006 and continues to pursue her passion as a freelance artist. Dianela has 11 years of experience in beauty pageants, photo shoots, short films, corporate parties, charity events, sports, specializing in bridal and airbrush applications. With certifications through M.A.C.- Estee Lauder. Not only for her beautiful application, Dianela is also known for going out of her way to sincerely listen and execute what her clients request. Her passion for her clients shows through by making them feel like themselves.




Coming from the Windy City of Chicago to bring his natural talent to the Sunshine State! Ernesto has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years specializing in hairstyling and lash extensions.

With much weddings under his belt, Ernesto is loved by all of his brides. Honesty is policy and he has earned a reputation for maintaining trust with his clients through this authenticity. Beauty is his passion and it shows through his work. 



Being a licensed cosmetologist with 6 years of experience, Cristal has honed in on her hair artistry skills. She currently is working at Dramatic Hair Change salon, specializing in hair color and cut with certifications in hot head extensions and liquid keratin. Having a love for bridal, she lives through creating beautiful hair styles for any and every hair type. Her bubbly personality attracts everyone she comes in contact with. Maintaining a balance by staying attentive to her clients needs and evoking her creativity with every appointment is the reason she is praised. 

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