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Brush is a Must!

Thomas Carlyle once said "Man is a tool-using animal. Nowhere do you find him without tools; without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all."

Let's stop and think about that statement. I find it to be true in all areas, ways and forms. How can a carpentar smooth out a rough surface without his tools? Or how can a letter be written without pen and paper? As I am typing, I am using the tool of the keyboard from my laptop to write this very post. Or an even better illustration, what about the famous painters, Da Vinci, Dali, Picasso, Van Gogh? Could you imagine Da Vinci trying to paint the Mona Lisa without his brushes or using just his bare hands? If Da Vinci were to try to recreate the Mona Lisa with just his bare hands, I think we would be missing an array of fine details that make the Mona Lisa what is it today.

So where am I getting to?

Fingerpainting will only get you so far. A flawless makeup application starts with the right tools.

When my clients ask me, "How did you create this smokey eye without any harsh lines? I never can make it look seamless like this!" I respond with what Kim Kardashians Makeup Artist, Mario Dedivanovic has stated before, "The secret is BLEND BLEND BLEND."

But before the magic of blending occurs, you need to have your tapered eye brush. With that being said, you can't just use just one makeup brush for an entire look. Our faces are more complex, therefore our tools should cater to all the curves and details of our facial structure. For instance, you can't use a blush brush to diffuse your crease! You would have one stroke of color from the lashline to your brow bone and I don't know about you but the 80's makeup should stay in the past.

A brush set is absolutely dire to execute the look you want in your makeup, especially with these sculpted red lips, winged liner and contour trends that dominate the beauty industry today.

There are definite benefits to using brushes for your everyday makeup regimen or a night out with the girls.

I do admit to using my bare hands sometimes when I just don't want to clean my brushes but then my options are extremely limited. Since we live in such a busy culture, and time management is an olympics in itself, I sometimes end up doing my makeup last minute. After I have finished typing up some emails on my keyboard that have accumlated God knows how much bacteria, I go ahead and slap on my foundation, concealer, cream blush and highlight. Thinking that I successfully applied my makeup in the tight time frame, I end up going over trying to clean off the makeup from my hands. I can't afford to destroy another dress with foundation stains or my leaving foundation finger prints on my steering wheel. Therefore... I am late.

I don't know how many of you can relate, but when you have the right brushes at hand, it can save you some valueable time and a few pimples and zits.

To keep away from any breakouts, it's also a must to take care of your brushes y'all! There are good brush cleaners out there that will clean and sanitize without damaging the bristles. I have used M.A.C.'s brush cleaner for about 5 years now and it has worked wonders on my brushes. I have brushes that have been in my brush belt for over 5 years and still in perfect tact. To have brushes is a wonderful investment for your skin and pocket.

There are so many different kinds of brushes out there that work for different areas of the face, but let's not overwhelm ouselves. Simplicity is key.

I own well over 100 brushes due to my profession and of course I have to include obsession. Although my collection of brushes is something I pride in, I have noticed that I run back to the same brushes everytime I do my makeup applications because A. They blend the makeup so well B. Their multi-use function and C. They are so affordable! If you know me, I am all about saving a buck or two!

The first set that I can't live without, I had stumbled upon on my unecessary daily eBay search (a guilty pleasure of mine). I couldn't believe the price for a 8pc face brush set so I took the risk and bought it! Best risk taking purcahse of my life! Oh-em-geh, I immediately fell in love! They're all synthetic so it's perfect for that liquid or cream application, especially for the contour and highlight that we all rave about. I even use them to set my powder all over or underneath the eyes. It's a perfect face brush set for all different skin types. Brush eBay posting link here.

As for the second set, I basically own all of Samantha Chapman's Real Technique brush sets. Their brushes are beyond amazing and multi-functional which is a plus in my book. You really can't go wrong with any of their brushes and they last forever! Out of all the sets, I always find myself reaching for the starter set (see second photo below). It's perfect for creating almost any eye makeup look. A must have indeed! Brush posting link here.

(See Below for photos)

Here's my point. Brush is a MUST. The End.

First Set

Second Set

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