What's next?

After care is very important for producing beautiful and long lasting result.

• Keep the area clean by rinsing with freshly washed hands and mild soap. Do not use a washcloth or sponge to remove soap. Simply splash with water. Do not use cleansing creams, acne cleansers or astringents. Use a mild, natural soap. - Mild soaps usually contain aloe vera. Vegetable and herbal oils such as evening primrose oil, olive oil, or coconut oil.


• Apply the aftercare healing ointment (i.e.- Healquick, Aquaphor, or Vaniply ointment) with freshly washed hands or a Q-tip. If the ointment is too stiff to use simply warm it up in a glass of warm water or on your finger. Use the ointment sparingly. Too little is better than too much. Blot off excess with a clean tissue. Never touch the procedure area without washing your hands immediately before.


• Do not scrub, rub or pick at the epithelial crust that forms. Allow it flake off by itself. If it is removed before it is ready, the pigment underneath it can be removed as well.


• Do not use any makeup near the procedure area including mascara or eyeliner for at least 3 days.


• Always use a sun block after the procedure area is healed to protect from sun fading. If you’re more of an oily skin type, try to stay away from excessive oily sunscreen as it could push the pigment out.


The following must be avoided during all 7 days post-microblading procedure:

• Increased sweating                                             • Sun tanning or salon tanning

• Swimming                                                            • Picking, peeling or scratches of the micro pigmented area

• Hotsauna, hot bath, or Jacuzzi                           • Drinking alcohol in excess, as it may lead to slow healing  

• Sun tanning or salon tanning                                 of wounds

• Driving in open air vehicles such as  boats        • Any laser or chemical treatments or peelings, and/or any    

 convertibles, bicycles, motorcycles, etc.                creams containing Retin A or Glycolic Acid on the face or       

• Touching of the eyebrow area except for              neck

when rinsing and applying the post care

cream with a cotton swab.


What’s normal?


Mild Swelling, itching, light scabbing, light bruising, tightness of the skin due to dryness. Ice packs are nice relief for swelling and bruising. Aftercare balm is nice for scabbing and tightness.


Too dark and slightly uneven appearance. After 2-7 days the darkness will fade and once swelling dissipates, uneveness usually disappears. If they are too dark or still a bit uneven after 4 weeks then we will make proper adjustments during our touch up appointment.


Color change or color loss. As the procedure area heals, the color will lighten and sometimes seem to disappear. This can all be addressed during the touch up appointment as that is why touch up is necessary. The procedure area has to be completely healed before we can address any concerns. This takes about 4 weeks.


• Needing a touch up months or years later. A touch up may be needed 6 months to a year after the touch up procedure depending on your skin, medications and sun exposure. We recommend the touch up every 6 months to a year to keep them looking fresh and beautiful. Touch up sessions after 60 days will be $150 or current touch up rate at time of touch up. **Failure to follow after care instructions may result in infections, pigment loss or discoloration.


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