Here's a brief history of who I am, what I do and why I do what I do:

I was blessed to be raised in a home that nurtured creativity. My mother, an aspiring film and theatre director, singer/songwriter and my dad a musician/ thrift addict, we were always encouraged to pursue our dreams in all things art-related. At a young age, I was 

S A R A I  R O D R I G U E Z

always snooping in my mom's room to smear my face in lipstick and 

drench myself in her perfume (I have home videos to prove it).

Beauty and fashion was something I have always been fascinated with.

A year into pursuing my bachelors with a scholarship in Fashion Design and Merchandising, I had decided that fashion design was not what I wanted to do at the time. Don't get me wrong I love clothes and still want to pursue an avenue in the field of fashion. I once read this line from an online entrepreneur blog post back in 2015 and it has been my philosophy since then: "Blur the edges of your craft. Dabbling in adjacent fields can only expand your understanding and enrich your work. Having multiple skill sets that you no longer know what to call yourself is a good thing," and beauty was always my first love, my science, my creative problem-solving, my muse.

With much artistic discipline, I educated myself (before the YouTube tutorials) in a broad range of application skills and techniques and shortly after I was hired at the M.A.C. Pro store in Orlando, FL as a "Pro Advanced Certified Makeup Artist." Within the time of building a stronger portfolio and acquiring certifications under my belt, I started my own freelance business - The Misses MUA. I will be reaching the 10 year mark since working in the beauty industry and 5 years since I starting my business.

Specializing in bridal makeup as well as editorial, my work has landed in multiple magazine spreads such as "Like Magazine," and has made the cover of Indian Bridal magazine "Desh-Videsh" as well as "Elegant Magazine." I had the privilege to do makeup for the beautiful actress Betsy Landin in the "Dolphins Tale 2" movie premiere in Clearwater, FL.


My work orbits around the people I meet.

This is my way of helping others in a simple yet profound way. It is such a blessing for me to work amongst beautiful people. More than doing what I love artistically, I am able to share special moments with those I encounter and the privilege of establishing amazing relationships . My only goal is to make you feel through the power of makeup and hairspray, like the beautiful person that you are.

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